If you attempt to rename a file on your BunnyCDN storage, you will see the operation fail and the file name remain the same. Unfortunately, this is a technical limitation at the moment. To change the name of a file, you will need to re-upload the file with a new name and delete the old one.

We hope to introduce file renaming with a storage update in 2019.

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  • much awaited feature---i am not storing files right now due to this issue

  • Any update on the timeline of this feature? It will really help us as our photo team doesnt often use the corrent file names and marketing needs to download, rename, adn upload

  • Still, count days for this feature for my website https://www.highonstudy.com/ 

  • Strongly need that feature...

  • Any updates on this? Absolutely crucial feature, especially for large files.


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